T-27 Days

PlaneOriginal Post: August 4, 2014

The count down is on! T-27 days until I leave for Doha, Qatar.

Another question I’m often asked is how long is the flight.  I fly four hours to Chicago then a direct flight from Chicago to Doha is 13 hours and 15 minutes. Luckily, my flight is in the evening so I should sleep the majority of the flight. If you fly an airline other than Qatar Airlines, you’d likely connect in Germany or Amsterdam. Total travel time (not flying time) for those flights range from 22 hours up to 36 hours! That’s insanity.

In these next 27 days, I have quite a bit to do. Since leaving my job August 1st, I’ve discovered a few things that I’d become accustomed to over the last seven years as a manager.

Being available 24/7: The life of an inpatient nurse manager can be very stressful. We long for the times we can turn our phones off while on vacation. Even then, however, we may not have the chance to do that. Depending on who’s covering for us while we’re away, we often still make ourselves available so that if the covering manager needs to get in touch with us they can.

So 8/1, when I finished my last day, I turned my phone off.  It was such a wonderful     feeling! But what I soon discovered was that technology has advanced a great deal in 7 years. I decided to go grocery shopping, I reached for my phone to browse the grocery ad. Well, I had to turn it back on! Wow, I’m attached to this darn thing!

Now, I at least sleep with my phone turned off and I haven’t woken up in a panic thinking that I missed a call from the hospital because my phone was on vibrate. It’s the little things…

Life by the calendar: Being that I will be leaving in a few short weeks, I have plenty to do. I have to schedule people to come by and do stuff at the house, I have last minute doctor appointments, I have to make arrangements to get some products to take with me, I have tons of lunch, happy hour, and dinner dates, and I have friends coming in town!

For seven years, my life has been run by my Outlook calendar. With no job, I have no Outlook calendar! So of course, I’ve now become familiar with my other calendar on my phone and I must put everything in there. Otherwise, I don’t know what the heck I should be doing.  It’s the little things…

Phone contacts: Have you ever scrolled through your phone and wish you could delete some contacts? As a manger, some of those contacts are there because you must have them there. Whether it’s because the person(s) is texting you or you may need them in case of an emergency, they must live in your contacts. Well, I deleted some contacts! It’s the little things…

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