Still Loving Doha

KataraOriginal Post: October 4, 2014

I’ve been here a month and I already have a week off (with pay) for the EID holiday.  There’s quite a few festivities scheduled for Eid and I can’t wait to be a part of them. It has been amazing learning the culture, traditions, and nuances of living in a new country. I must admit, I actually enjoy seeing all the people in their national dress. When they are dressed for the holiday, it makes it even a little more special.

Today I went to Katara Cultural Villiage. As I have come to learn in Qatar, they like to do things in grand fashion. Katara is no exception. The place is beautiful with such amazing architecture. The amphitheater is the most beautiful amp hither I’ve ever seen. I admired it as night fell and the lighting just illuminated in a way that is truly breathtaking. I could close my eyes and just imagine a full orchestra on the stage. It would truly be magical. And that is only a tiny piece of Katara. I can’t believe this is where I live.

Katara hosts symphonies, shows, theatrical performances, holiday festivals, water sports, etc. It’s a must see/experience in Doha. As part of the Doha Film Institute, tonight, one of the theatres at Katara showed a documentary called The Kid & The Clown. It’s a documentary about hospital clowns who visit children. They aren’t doctors like Patch Adams but are really there just to bring joy to the child and their family. I attended with some colleagues and a group of nurses from Canada that are in Doha teaching at one of the universities. It was a great documentary that really pulled at your heartstrings. I did well in not shedding any tears during the movie. We were lucky enough to have the film’s director from Denmark and one of the clown doctors from Lebanon there for the showing. After the movie was over, the director spoke and revealed some news related to the child in the movie. Well…I pretty much lost it. I didn’t realize tears could stain my shirt but they did. It was so moving to see several grown men in the theater in tears as well. I was emotionally drained after leaving the theater but it was such a wonderful experience.  There are things that bind us together as human beings. Tonight, Ida’s words made it evident what some of those things are: love, relationship, joy,  and humor. To be in the midst of such richness…experiences I will always treasure.

My colleagues and I ate at Mamig, a Lebanese and Armenian restaurant. The food was excellent. I had a rocca salad with avocado, tasted an olive salad, which had pomegranate seeds and walnuts (amazing!), and several kabobs (kafta, chicken, lamb). It was all very good. I saw a cupcake place and knew I had to stop there. So I finished the night at Red Velvet Cupcakery. The carrot cake was delicious. I also bought the date cupcake with pistachio frosting that I will eat tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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