One More Week

AlaskaOriginal Post: August 24, 2014

One week…. Yep, I leave for Doha in just one week. I’m not sure that it’s hit me yet. Perhaps it won’t hit me until I actually go to the airport and have to hug Jaden before getting on the plane. Hug Jaden…that will be a tough one.

For those who know us well, you know that Jaden often spends a lot of time away from home during the summers. He’s pretty independent and self-sufficient overall. I hear it’s that only child thing. My niece says he’s an old man trapped in a kid’s body. After some recent in depth conversations with him, I have to agree. He’s a bit wise for his age. However, I do see the 12 year old from time to time and I know my leaving will be a bit rough on us both.

As a way to stay connected, we’re going to have a mommy-son book club of sorts. (Christie P. probably doesn’t even realize she inspired me to do this…thank you!). So I made the proposal to Jaden and he happily accepted. Our first book is Heaven is for Real and we’re almost done with it. He gets to choose the next book – I did tell him that he couldn’t have me reading Roman and Greek mythology (he loves that stuff). Anything but that!

Since I’ve had a month off, you have been subjected to my life before leaving for Doha. Just hang in there…the Doha Blogs are coming. In the mean time, I’ll let you know what else I’ve been doing.

Last weekend, I hosted 4 very good friends from college. It was their first time in the Portland area and boy did we have a great time (see photos). As I get older, I recognize that friendship becomes so much more valuable. They each hold a special place in my heart even though we don’t get together very often. When we do, it’s always a blast. I’ll be anxiously awaiting their visit to Qatar.

Right now, I’m on an Alaskan cruise. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Since I’ve never had more than 10 days off (yeah, that’s how much time I took off 12 years ago when I had Jaden), I decided to take this cruise as our last family vacation before I head over seas. This has been the most scenic, breathtakingly beautiful cruise I have ever had. Luckily, the weather has been picturesque and I have some great photos to share. I’m glad I had this time to spend with the family before I leave.

Once I get home, I’ll have five nights in my bed before I’ll head to Qatar. I’m confident that I will successfully be packed up by Saturday night. I’m excited about Qatar Airways. I hear it’s a phenomenal airline. I’m all signed up for all my frequent flyer programs. I’ve checked into some TSA program to hopefully get me through some processes faster (Again, thanks Christie P. & Shawn P.). I’m pretty much ready to go!

As I’ve talked to more people about moving to Qatar, I’ve been amazed at how many people I’ve met or talked to have spent time in Qatar. I’ve yet to hear anything negative about their experiences, which only excites me more. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity and I will embrace all aspects of it. I’m looking forward to learning all that I can and making positive contributions to the healthcare environment while I’m there.

Until next week…

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