Mom’s Doha Days Continued

momOriginal Post: April 20, 2015

The fun continued after our return from Dubai. Mom managed to venture out on her own some mornings and went to the souq (which I think is her favorite place), the Katara Cultural Center, and the Fanar – Islamic Educational Center. Uber was great because I was able to send a car her way when needed.  She also got to experience the Karwa blue taxi. I try my best to stay out of those cars but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

We made our way to the Jazz Club at the Oryx Rotana and had a good time. The band was cool but the singer was so bad it was fun. We couldn’t miss lady’s night with 2 complimentary drinks each so the more we drank the more fun we had. It’s hard for me to pass up a good deal so maybe I need to go to lady’s night more often.

We spent one afternoon at Villaggio Mall…because a trip to Doha just isn’t complete without going to Villaggio. We went to the high-end part of the mall and looked at $4500 handbags. Notice I said looked at.  For those on the east coast, I think you know all about Shake Shack. Well I was introduced to Shake Shack here in Doha. So while at Villaggio, we had a little Shake Shack. They truly have the best burgers in Doha.

Once again…Jazz, in a different venue. We had another opportunity to experience the Jazz at Lincoln Center artist outside at the Museum of Islamic Art. We had the pleasure of hearing a Lebanese artist, Mike Massy that night as well. Not really my thing but he was entertaining to say the least. It was a good show with a good turn out and it’s always great to listen to Jazz at that venue. Especially when the weather is beautiful.

Mom’s last couple of days here were pretty much about R&R. We managed to go to the souq one last time. We picked up a couple of items and had an appetizer and mint lemonade at the Turkish restaurant. The nice man who read our coffee grounds was our waiter and he was certainly delightful.  For dinner, I actually cooked a meal: Oxtails, mashed potatoes, and sautéed spinach. It wasn’t too bad.

So overall, I think mom had a great time. If she ever travels internationally again, I don’t think she’ll fly through Frankfurt Germany. I don’t think that’s her lucky airport.

What’s next for me? I know you’re dying to know. Well my birthday gift to my self is a trip to Europe. I had to justify it some kind of way, right? So coming up, I’ll spend 5 days in Paris and take the train to London for 5 days. I’m really excited about this trip and have some amazing things planned. I can’t wait to take lots of photos and see some of history, take a cooking class, and see live theatre. It will be quite the adventure and I can’t wait!

Living life…..

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