Have I started Packing Yet?

PackingOriginal Post: July 27, 2014

Have I started packing yet? This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions I get when people hear about my move to Doha. Well, the answer is: No! Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about housing and other things related to a move. I’ll arrive to a fully furnished place so that takes many things off the table.  

What exactly will I take with me? Hmmm, each time I think about it, my list gets shorter. Of course I’ll want some things to remind me home. Here’s what I’m thinking so far:

  • Photos: I’ll make sure to take pictures of Jaden. One will be right beside my bed so I can see his smiling face when I wake up and when I go to bed. I’ll include some of my own photographs that I’ve taken of the beautiful Pacific NW and my one prized photograph of Tulsa.
  • Hair care products: Since I’ve recently been turned on to Lush products (Thank you to my niece Paige), I’ll have to stock up on hair care products. I’m not really sure how the weather will affect my hair but I will be prepared. So this will be quite the experience with my hair; again. This may seem like an odd thing to mention here but those who have worked with me and/or been through my natural hair journey with me can understand the many hairstyles of Kendra!
  • Clothes: This will actually be the easiest thing for me to pack. There are some things I know I can’t wear while I’m there (shoulder and knee baring garments, tight clothes, etc.) so pretty simple. No, I don’t have to wear a burqa and the culture is one of modesty. I’m looking forward to changing my wardrobe up a bit! Only about 1/3 of my closet will go with me.
  • Technology: All my Apple products. Yes, I’ve become addicted to Apple. My Beats headphones to keep me rocking as I take on this new concept of working out. I need a new camera since mine was stolen.

That’s it! 2 checked bags max and one carry-on. That’s my goal and anyone who knows how I pack, knows I’ll probably have room left over in my bags. I’ll start packing August 27th when I get back from my Alaskan cruise. Did I mention that I leave August 31st? Once I’m all packed up, I’ll share photos!

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