Hanging Around Doha

QuicheOriginal Post: March 12, 2015

I’m sitting here overlooking the city of Doha from the 49th floor of my beautiful apartment. I still pinch myself at the life I am privileged to live here in the Arabian Gulf. It’s so peaceful and so still. I enjoy that. I enjoy the fact that I can be still and be content. Sometimes it’s so nice to just be still.

And once that’s over, it’s always good to liven things up!

I’ve still been on the hunt for that darn cast iron skillet. I have 2 more options but I’m not real hopeful. One thing that I’ve learned about living here is that places of business don’t answer their phones! It’s quite annoying because I have to take a taxi ALL the way to where I want to go to see if they have an item. Sometimes that’s a matter of an hour round trip commute plus taxi fare. Just answer the phones already! Ikea is one of my last hopes but I can’t get past the operator. She at least answered the phone but no one in the department would ever pick up. I guess I’ll have to go check it out at some point.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a High Tea birthday celebration for a colleague. It was an enjoyable experience. I can appreciate the fact that here in Doha, I have been introduced to some amazing professional women of color. Women with class and poise that still know how to have a good time. We had High Tea at the Four Seasons. It’s a nice venue. The tea I had was lemon verbena tea and it was the best tea I’ve ever had. I could have drunk one pot after another. I’m not a big fan of tea, however, I’d go back just for the tea. That’s how good it is. The finger foods and desserts were good too. They had a mini carrot cupcake that was splendid! What I find interesting about this culture is the number of men who frequent these places. I think we were the only table of women in the entire place at one point. We were surrounded by groups of men drinking tea, coffee, and fruity beverages. It’s most interesting.

The other day when I posted the picture of the delicious quiche, I was at the Gourmet House. It’s a coffee shop/bakery in my building. I’m a little embarrassed to say this but I spent at least four hours there. I really enjoy coffee shops even though it’s not the quaint little coffee shops found in Portland/Vancouver, I was still delighted to be there. From people watching, to reading a book, to reading the paper, to pretending to get some work done, I was having a great time. I even fit in lunch with a good Doha friend! My 2 cappuccinos and pot of tea contributed to the good time as well. I was wired for a bit. The quiche was amazing. It was the quiche of the day, which was mushroom, spinach, and tomato. That dollop of sour cream was the cherry on top. I try not to go down there too much because it can be an addiction. At 7pm, all the pastries are half price…that takes some serious self control to stay away from that kind of a deal. I’ve done well so far.

I also went to Saffron restaurant in Katara. It’s a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine. I admit, I’m not a fan of Indian food but for the sake of trying something new, I tagged along with the ladies. I must say it was a very good experience. They started the meal with naan or papad, a traditional Asian flatbread that’s thin and crisp. It has amazing flavor. It was served with mango chutney and a pesto-based paste. The mango chutney was excellent and I thought it complemented the naan well. I wasn’t a fan of the green paste. Then they served us lentil soup in tiny little mugs. It too was very good. I only ordered an appetizer; lamp chops in ground aromatic ginger masala. The lamb was nice and tender. The flavor of the spices was good. However, the spices were pasted on and I didn’t enjoy that texture. My dining companions had: lobster tossed in mustard flavored tomato sauce, Bombay style chicken fritters, prawns poached in coconut, and prawns in an herb marinade. They both enjoyed their meals. Yes, the flavors were bold but they were well blended and appealing. I would actually go back.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had 2 places in mind as my dream vacation. Well, coming up soon, I’ll have an opportunity to go to one of those places. I’m very excited. I was introduced to www.airbanb.com and I’m very excited about the accommodations available on that site. I won’t say mush more at this point, you’ll have to wait and see the pics!

Living life…and it’s good!

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