Goodbye Paris…Hello London!

parisOriginal Post May 17, 2015

Paris is a pretty cool place. I spent most of day 4 recovering from days 1-3. Once I managed to get out of the hotel, I went down to a shopping district and did quite a bit of window-shopping. I did buy a couple of clothing items but really, shopping wasn’t on my to do list. I found a corner restaurant to have a snack and a drink. The drink was good and the onion soup was astounding! I think it’s funny that in France, they don’t call it French onion soup, just onion soup.

From there I went to dinner at a place called Le Louis. I was unable to get reservations to the ultra popular Sacree Fleur and they recommended Le Louis. Super cute, cozy, Italian feeling restaurant. I had frog legs to start…yes; I’m just going all out while I’m here. They were good. Tasted like chicken…really they did. For my main course I had scallop risotto. The scallops were excellent. The risotto had great flavor. It was a little soupy and I’m not sure what the perfect consistency of risotto is but it tasted pretty good. I was happy with my dining experience there.

Then I went on to Club Raye. I mostly wanted to go because it had good reviews on Trip Advisor for cocktails. I confirm they were pretty good cocktails. It was open mic night so the talent varied. I wish I would have gone on a night with a regular singer, I bet it makes for an enjoyable evening. I’ve noticed that most places in Paris are cozy. This was no different. It’s an adorable little place. I’d go back.

I took the metro down to my next hotel and when I got off, I was right in the middle of a garden/vintage street show. It was amazing and totally warmed my soul. I had a brief moment of homesickness; very brief. It was like being at home wandering through all the flowers, herbs, succulents, and vegetable starts. Then there was yard and garden décor. I wanted to call David and tell him to come in meet me there…then I realized where I was. Man I miss my garden and Shawn & David too.

I finally pulled myself away from the greenery and found a place to eat. I went to a busy little corner restaurant. I was very impressed when one of the managers/supervisors met me at the door and helped me with my luggage. It was so kind. He offered to seat me at one table but all my personal belongings wouldn’t fit. He offered to hang on to them for me but saw that I was uncomfortable with that so he found me a place to accommodate my things and me. That was so nice. I ordered smoked salmon with cream and toast. I thought it was weird to have white toast with salmon but it was so good! I also ordered an Irish coffee that was very good and had my first crepes in Paris. They too, were good. My little waiter was busy as a bee but I couldn’t tell based on the service he provided. He took great care of me.

My last night in Paris, I went to Sunside Sunset Jazz Club. This place had great reviews on Trip Advisor. First, let me say, Bobby Watson’s quartet is great. I thoroughly enjoyed the music. When I went downstairs to the bathroom, I discovered another jazz concert happening downstairs. Both upstairs and downstairs were packed out. They seem to really love jazz in Paris. I did make an observation that there were no people of color, other than myself and the musicians, in the clubs. The club itself is pretty tiny. People were packed in like sardines but they were all friendly and truly there to enjoy the music.

My last day in Paris was pretty low key. I wandered around the shopping district. I went into a couple of vintage stores. They were pretty cool. I café hopped. It was fun to people watch. And I still can’t get over how inexpensive the wine is. It was a restful day.

I then made my way to the train station to take a train to London.  Once I arrived at the station I got a little sentimental. I didn’t think I enjoyed myself that much but I was a little sad to leave Paris. I’m currently on the train writing this. It’s too bad there is no wi-fi on here, I could get so much done! I hope one day I’ll have a good enough reason to go back. But for now, I’m looking forward to what London has to offer.

Until next time folks, living life…and it’s good.

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