Going to the US

KendraOriginal Post: January 28, 2014

My last blog, I briefly mentioned that I was unsure of how I felt about going back to the US. What I’m about to write will certainly be controversial to some and others won’t quite understand. It was a bit of an internal struggle for me to get on the plane and go back the US. There are many reason I had that struggle and the main one is that I have a new home. When you think about home, there are so many definitions. My favorite is this: An environment offering security and happiness.

Security can be interchanged with safety as explained in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. When I think of security, it’s many things. It’s financial security, it’s to be free from harm and danger, it’s to have a support network that will be there in times of need. Safety is imperative to a healthy fulfilling life. I am safe in my new home.

Then there’s happiness. Just the idea of genuine happiness is unimaginable for many. Actually, it’s only been something that I’ve dreamt about over the years. To wake up with a smile on my face and actually experience happiness is beyond comprehension and is such an exhilarating experience. I don’t know many people who can say they are truly happy. I’m so glad that on this day I can say that I am happy. Life is good.

So while I love my country, I have a new home. And while I’m visiting the states, I will enjoy all the things that I love about the Pacific NW and hang out with some fabulous folks. And…I will have that urge to get back home to Doha.

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