Fun Times!

crewOriginal Post: May 4, 2015
It was another amazing week for me here in the Middle East. Good times and lots of fun sums it up for me. I had a chance to check out the new vocalist at JALC Doha Ms. Chantae Cann. Beautiful voice! It was a delight to hear such refreshing vocals.
Later in the week I had a chance to host my first party at my place. It was a farewell party for one of the fabulous nurses I’ve worked with since my arrival. She and her family are moving back to Canada at the end of the month and I was happy to host one of her many parties. We had a good turnout for a potluck event and many adult beverages to go with it. I created a cocktail that was simply a hit: mint lemonade muddled with fresh strawberries and vodka, topped with 7up. I think it will become my signature cocktail for events! So hosting a party was pretty convenient. My building supplied all the extra dishes and silverware, table cloth, ice & ice buckets. It was a breeze! I think I could get used to hosting parties.

I squeezed in another trip to Dubai…yes I know. It hasn’t been one of my favorite places but I had a great time this time around.  I went to an art gallery, East Wing. It’s a photo gallery and its current exhibit titled Surveillance, is powerful. It’s a small place but the owner is very knowledgeable and engaging. I’m glad I went. Next time I go to Dubai, I’ll make sure to visit some of the other art galleries. That’s one thing that’s missing in Doha and something I enjoy very much!

While in Dubai, I had one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had in my life at a French bistro, La Petite Maison. From ratatouille to salted sea bass and veal to the best tiramisu and French toast for dessert, every morsel was simply delicious. I enjoyed the waitress and the sommelier (wine specialist). The waitress was especially fun and had a great sense of humor. It was a great all around experience.
Finally I had a chance to watch the fight. Yeah, the #FightoftheCentury. I was glad to have seen it but it was pretty disappointing. Sometimes a technical fight is good but it would have been better if Manny had proven to be the better technical fighter. I’m just glad it wasn’t some crazy controversial decision. I lost my zeal to watch boxing after all the crazy controversial decisions in the last major fights. I will still never become a lover of MMA so I think my days of watching fights are over.
Lastly, I just have to express how amazing it is when someone knows just what you need. Without words or without extreme action, it’s very meaningful to be on the receiving end of expressions of kindness. It’s been hard for me for so long to be on the receiving end. I’ve even had to learn how to accept a simple compliment…I’m learning to let it land as Marlis would say to me. So thank you for the small gestures toward me that carry so much meaning and warms my heart.
Living life…and it’s good.

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