Fried Chicken? No Problem!

cheeseOriginal Post: February 23, 2015

So I’m sitting with a friend talking about the joys and pleasures of living abroad. The conversation soon turned to things we miss about the states. Not to fit into the stereotypical black American category, fried chicken comes up. So I offered to fry chicken for my friend. Little did I know how difficult of a journey this would be in Doha. After this commitment to fry chicken, I’d heard there has been an ongoing chicken shortage in Qatar. Sounds pretty funny, huh? Yeah I thought so too until I tried to find chicken wings!

Before I tell you about the wings, I have to tell you about my search for a cast iron skillet….um, I still haven’t found one large enough to fry more than an egg. I actually struck gold in the very first store I went into at the mall. It’s a kitchen store and as I browsed the skillet and frying pan section, I found a small cast iron skill, only like 5 inches. I thought, I’d fry chicken all day with this little pan but there was hope because I at least found one. Over the next few days, my hope ran out. I don’t think a cast iron skillet large enough to fry more than an egg is available in Doha. *Sigh

Back to the wings: I went to Lulu Hypermarket because they have EVERYTHING! It’s like Wal-mart Supercenter/Super Target meets the mall. They have a full electronics section, suits and ties, large & small appliances. Literally, they have everything! The grocery section at LuLu makes me feel nostalgic because they have all the US brands. I must be careful going in that place if I’m hungry because I’ll buy a bag of Borden’s shredded cheese for no apparent reason or spend $5 on one small container of Fage Greek Yogurt that would cost $1 in the US. Anyway, I arrived at the meat section in LuLu and saw chicken, plenty of chicken. After a few seconds, I realized, there were no chicken wings. They had plenty of legs, thighs, whole chickens, but no breasts and no wings. Hmm, that’s odd I thought. So I finished my shopping and planned to go by another store. The next two stores were out of wings too. This has to be one of the most bizarre things. I finally found frozen wings at a French grocery store. I was very excited to find wings but frozen isn’t exactly my thing. But what was a girl to do? Dinner was in just over 4 hours.

My original menu included sautéed greens and mashed potatoes. There were no greens to be found. I settled on green beans. The mashed potatoes, well after discarding everyone other potato because the inside was rotten, I finally got a good amount to work with for the meal. After my adventurous experience trying to achieve a homely meal, it turned out pretty good. I even found a Crisco equivalent because you have to fry chicken in shortening! That was surely a plus. This was one of two times I’ll fry chicken this year. Yep, it’s a rare treat to fry chicken! I’ll stock up on wings next time I find them in the store too.

The following may be inappropriate for some readers Cool

The other night, I got in bed around 2:00 am after a fantastic night of Motown at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha. I was exhausted and hoping I’d have a full night of sleep as I had the night before, my first full night of sleep since being back from the US. About an hour into my sleep I was awakened by a rhythmic thud against what sounded like the wall. So I lie there for a moment cursing the thin walls in this high rise. Oddly enough, I hadn’t noticed the walls were so thin previously and the way the beds are made I was trying in my sleepy brain to figure out how a bed was banging up against a wall. I was confused but tried to go back to sleep. I eventually fell asleep only to be woken up again…and again…and again. Now with the sun up, I’m thinking, surely these people weren’t going at it all night. I wasn’t’ sure if I should feel sorry for the woman or be impressed by the man. I was baffled.

I turned my phone over and noticed that my roommate had sent me a text in the middle of the night asking if I’d heard the noise. Yes, in deed I had. She’d called to inquire and low and behold… it wasn’t a bed banging against the wall, it was the ropes from the window cleaners banding up against the building because of the high winds. I chuckled to myself. The moral of the story is: 1. You shouldn’t make assumptions, 2. There was no stud muffin of a guy getting busy last night. J

Anyway, I have a couple of fun things planned this week. Women’s tennis will be here and I’m heading to Dubai to the Jazz Festival. I’ll post pictures! Until next time…

Living life…and it’s good.

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