First Week In Doha – Such Fun

Arabic nameOriginal Post: September 5, 2014

It’s been quite a week! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first two days of organizational induction (not hospital orientation) at my new job. It’s an amazing organization with people from over 43  countries. I am shuttled to work each day with the rest of the employees on a bus. I couldn’t grasp what this would be like and thought I may be annoyed by it. Turns out, it’s very convenient and well organized. And, it beats the need to find a parking space everyday. I’ll work Sunday through Thursday and my hours are 0730 – 1530. And they really will be because the bus leaves at 1530!

And lucky me…I went to see the @BellamyBrothers in concert at the most incredible convention center on Earth. I met the band in that fancy airport lounge the day I flew into Doha. They were kind enough to put me on the guest list and I’m glad they did. The concert was great and it was fun. The people in Qatar certainly know how to have a good time. I knew a few songs but I must admit, I downloaded a few more that I liked from the concert…I think #SugarDaddy is one of my favorites (: Lastly, #BellamyBrothers band…a great group of gentlemen. Super nice!

A group of us toured the Fanar Islamic Cultural Center. Its purpose is education and boy, was it educational. I learned quite a bit about Islam and about Qatar as a country. We had a chance to see the mosque. In doing so, the women (including myself) dressed in traditional Muslim attire: Hijab (called different things in different countries). Putting the attire on had an unintended impact on me. I had a sudden appreciation and respect for the religion and those who are Muslim. This was after about an hour of learning about Islam. So going into the Mosque in a Hijab made for a greater opportunity to learn. Yes, I’m sure I’m losing some of you here…no! I’m not converting, and no! The Farnar Center doesn’t try to convert everyone! It was a great learning experience. This place also offers Arabic classes. I’m planning to attend some classes. It’s really limiting when you don’t know the language. They also had calligraphists on hand to write our names in Arabic (See photos). I really enjoyed it.

I think I found my writing spot in Doha! Some know that I usually go to #TheBoxSocial in Portland to write. Well I’ve already discovered a place called The Cellar at Oryx Rotana Hotel (The only places you can only buy and consume alcohol in public Qatar are hotels). It’s a nice wine bar with a great tapas menu (I didn’t get to eat because I arrive too late). They have a descent wine selection and great specials on Sangria. For those who like cigars, they have a cigar menu as well. Also in the hotel is a steak house that has live jazz and eventually converts to a jazz club late at night.  I’m looking forward to that!

The women will appreciate this (sorry guys)…I just have to tell you, I got my eyebrows, lip, & chin threaded, an underarm and bikini wax, all for $28!!!! For those that don’t know, if I got this done at home at the good places, it would have cost me $200. I am so going to pamper myself over here (:

Okay, that’s all for now. Next time, I’ll tell you about living in this high-rise building and the interesting amenities in this country. Something I think I could get used to.

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