Everyday is an Adventure

SunOriginal Post: November 4, 2014

Yes indeed, everyday is an adventure. Most recently, during breast cancer awareness month, I had an opportunity to attend a free event sponsored by some local companies. It was all about raising awareness. It was held at one of the local residence towers, which also houses one of the best spas in Doha. The event was held at the outdoor pool and each woman was greeted and pinned with a pink ribbon and was given a long stemmed rose. It was quite sweet. The pool was flanked with large pink glowing globes and we were treated to a buffet and served healthy beverages. I’ve never had an avocado smoothie until I moved here. They are very good. As an extra special treat, each guest was given a wonderful chair massage by the spa staff. The goal of the event was to simply encourage everyone to do self-breast exams. They counted it a success! I would have to agree.

I had an opportunity to try The Noodle House. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in Doha. I started with nice pot stickers and had Pad Thai with shrimp and chicken for my main course. I finished with a lime ginger cheesecake that was amazing.  The pot stickers were very good, vegetables. The Pad Thai has the right amount of noodle to vegetables to meat ratios. All the flavors worked well together with the perfect amount of heat. There were no weird after tastes either. The cheesecake was so creamy! And the subtle taste of ginger added a bit of complexity that was unusual. I really enjoyed it.

I’ve still not taken my drivers tests to get a license here in Qatar. As time passes, I’m actually considering not driving. Before I came, I had wild ideas of getting a luxury vehicle and riding in style. Now that I’ve been here, I enjoy having a driver who knows his way around and can navigate in this traffic. So I guess I’m undecided at this point as to whether or not I’ll drive.

I’ve also planned my first international trip from Qatar. I am truly amazed at the number of places I can get to as a direct flight: Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Dublin, Bangkok, Vietnam, Dubai, London, Vienna…just to name a few. The place that I’ve chosen to go to in December I didn’t know existed. I’m so excited and I will certainly reveal more once the time comes.

Until next time…

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