Enjoying Doha

SpicesThis week I went to the souq or the market. It reminds me of a flea market but most of the items are better than flea market quality. Scarves and wraps are big here and you can buy them at the souq for very little money. I looked for scarves before I left home and they ranged from $15-$25. Here, I can get them for $5. The fabric is amazing. You can find any type of fabric you want from silk to burlap. They also have tailors on hand for custom clothing. I’ll get some clothes made at some point; can’t wait.

There are also many Hookah or Shisha restaurants at the souq. People love their Shisha here. I’ve seen some very elaborate pipes (see photos).  Again, I have yet to have any food that I didn’t enjoy. Kabobs seem to be as much of a staple as rice. There are beef, chicken, lamb, and camel (yes…camel) kabobs. I’m sure there are other ones that I’ve yet to see. Since most places don’t serve alcohol, I’ve discovered a great mock tail: mint lemonade frozen or on the rocks. It truly is one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had. It’s been fun to see how each establishment prepares the drink. If you don’t like minty drinks (I don’t like minty drinks myself), don’t worry, it’s not minty at all.

Being here, I have come to learn the importance of tea and coffee to the culture. Truly, people fellowship over  tea and coffee. It’s what they do with their friends and family. Someone told me, the people who invite you to their home for tea or coffee are true friends. I believe it. I’m planning to go experience high tea at one of the hotels. I hear it’s an elaborate 4-hour event. I can’t wait!

The Pearl…. awe…the Pearl. Oh how I wish I’d had my camera and not just my iPhone. The Pearl is something any car enthusiast or someone who simply enjoys the finer things in life, must experience. It’s amazing. As I stepped onto the sidewalk of the Pearl, I had Bentleys to right and Maseratis and Ferrari’s to my left. Not just in the storefronts but cruising by me on the streets and parked throughout the garage. After taking in the cars, I walked along the bay and was met by a ridiculous number of yachts; again, beautiful vessels. Around the bay are shops with beautiful clothes and fine goods and I had the best fish tacos I’ve ever had at a nice Mexican restaurant at the Pearl. There are also a number of apartments and hotels enclosing the area. I can only imagine the things that lie beyond the walls of those buildings. It is both stimulating and satisfying to be among such beautiful things….

The weather is changing…it’s amazing the difference between 100 degrees and 90 degrees.  It’s been a welcomed relief. However, with the decrease in temperature comes the increase in humidity. I’ve had to chuckle at the impact this amazing humidity has had on my hair. I did a twist out this week to help soften the texture of my hair. Within 10 minutes of being outside, I no longer had any crinkle to my hair. It was awesome! The good thing, even without the crinkle, the twist out made my hair much softer than it had been.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this week’s post. I truly am having a great time.

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