Day 3 in Paris

cookingOriginal Post: May 14, 2015

Day 3 was cool. I only had 2 activities planned and really that’s all I could do. I went to Musee du Louve where the Mona Lisa (La Joconde) lives. Initially, I wasn’t going to go see it because everyone talks about how they couldn’t get close to it because of the crowd. Well, the trick is to get there at opening and make a B-line to Mona. I managed to get right up to the rope. She’s much smaller that I was expecting. It was cool though. There were so many selfies being taken with the painting it was pretty funny. From Mona, I wandered through the museum for 3 hours! The place is massive and there’s so much to see. I’ve never seem the movie Night at the Museum and don’t really know what it’s about but the movie title kept coming to me. I thought about how crazy it would be to get locked inside that place.

My favorite piece was the Winged Victoria. It’s brilliantly displayed at the top of a million stairs. Everything is white/off white: the sculpture and it’s surrounding but it’s incredibly beautiful. Aside from the Winged Victoria, the rest of the place is so beautiful; from the detailed art on the ceilings to the arrangements of the exhibits. I’m no art expert but I do enjoy beautiful art and @MusseeLouvre has to be the absolute best art museum around. If you go, it should probably be the only thing you do that day and it should be done earlier rather than later. You’ll need lots of energy. As a child I remember going to museums with my school. There were several school-aged children at Mussee Louvre in groups. I kept thinking how bored they must be. There are very few children that I think would truly enjoy and appreciate such a place. It takes patience to get through there. I also felt bad for those who booked tours. Yes, some people may like tours but it just seems like too much to have to stick with a group in a place like that. Grab the audio tour and head out on your own!

The museum sits inside a building that’s so big, there’s a collection of shops within the building called Carrousel du Louvre. There’s an apple store there, which made me smile. There are high-end stores and then some unique shops. Included are a food court and a Starbucks! I’m actually not a huge Starbucks fan but I have to try it in every country because it’s just a little different everywhere.

And then…I went to my first cooking class at a place called Cooking with Class. I found it on @TripAdvisor and it’s listed as the number one cooking class in Paris. Now I know why. This was a great 7 hours – yes I said 7 hours! It was so much fun! There were 7 of us.  One lady’s husband joined for the dinner. Having a guest is an option offered by the class. What’s good and apparently unique to the other classes offered in Paris is that all the chefs @CooknWithClass are professional chefs. Our chef, Alex, was amazing (so if you book, request Alex)! We met up with him and headed to the market where we spent the next couple of hours shopping for dinner and learning about so many things. We visited 2 butcher shops, the seafood stand, a cheese stand, and a produce market. One thing I do miss about home is the fresh produce. It was great being among such wonderful produce and fresh herbs.

The dinner menu is a menu that we created as we shopped. There was a butcher shop that offers horse meat. Alex says, so far in his four years, no one has opted for horse meat. I can’t even imagine! Taking everyone’s preferences into consideration we landed on pork loin as our entrée. It was served with a mustard based sauce made with the broth of bones (can’t remember if it was veal bones or pork bones – we’re waiting on the recipes) and pickles. We made a potato dish that was fabulous. We took thinly sliced potatoes, layered them, and made it crispy on both sides. So it was crispy and crunchy on the outside and the inside was nice and soft. Our vegetable was asparagus. I learned how to properly prepare large asparagus and it involves peeling them…who knew!

Let me back up. Our starter was bisque. The base was made with a shrimp like creature that looked like a shrimp and a lobster had a baby. Alex called it scampi but there’s an official name for it that I can’t remember! Anyway, I learned how to remove the heads, shell them and clean them. It was awesome! We kept every little part to use in the broth. The bisque was amazing. We had a course of cheese as well. What they say about stinky cheese is true! It’s the best. We learned to properly “cut the cheese”!

And for dessert we made a chocolate gouache served with berries and at my request, whipped cream! I’ll post a picture of Alex and me with my dessert. He made fun of me because I had like five times more whipped cream on my plate than everyone else! I have to get one of those cans with the paintball thing to make whipped cream. It’s amazing! The berries we had were special berries. We had pineapple strawberries and raspberry strawberries. Deliciousness! The dessert was perfect!

So that was my day. A day filled with beautiful art, great food, good wine and good company.

Living life…and it’s good!

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