Couple of Things

OpalOriginal Post: March 23, 2015

I have experienced real rain in Doha over the last week. One night, I lie in bed and just watched the sky light up with such fascinating lightening strikes. Truly a thunderstorm is one thing that I miss about Oklahoma. I know rain is rare in Doha and a thunderstorms is even more rare. When ever it happens I will stop and soak it all in. These past several days of rain have been nice.

I may be a little late but I’ve recently discovered trip advisor. Not that I didn’t know that it existed, I just never paid much attention to the site. Being in the US, I primarily used Yelp for reviews, both my own reviews and to choose places to go based on other’s reviews. But now that I live abroad, trip advisor is such a wealth of information. So yes, I’ve started my reviews on trip advisor and it’s truly something that I enjoy. As I’m getting to know the site, I’m using it to plan my great adventures for the summer. I know some of you have been wondering what’s in store for my summer. I’ll give you a hint: I’ll visit 3 major cities. Take a guess…I’ll let you know if you’re right! Another hint: all 3 cities I can reach on a direct flight from Doha.

I recently tried brunch at Opal by Gordon Ramsay. Now, I have to set the stage because brunch in Doha is an event. There are elaborate spreads with great food and flowing alcohol. I thought I’d get into a Friday brunch if it was just me, but I was certainly mistaken. After I couldn’t get into Vine at the St. Regis, I had to settle for Opal by Gordon Ramsay, also at St. Regis. First, the price was almost the same as the buffet at Vine. I was a little annoyed by that but went ahead and indulged. They had a menu to order from and they served small portions so I could order multiple items and the food was unlimited. I’ll start by saying the best thing I had was the fish of the day with a zucchini vegetable medley and French toast with ice cream.  I also had potato salad with quail eggs (no flavor!), marinated Thai beef salad (was descent), salted prawns with Marie Rose dressing (prawns were drowned in dressing, it was terrible), striploin with savoy cabbage and roasted potatoes (this was okay). I also had a Wagyu mini burger. I just don’t know what’s up with burgers in Doha. No matter how awesome they look, they never taste good. However, they make darn good fries in this country. Overall, brunch at Opal was underwhelming.  I can say that I probably won’t go back for brunch again. Their pizza at Opal…that’s a different story. They have great pizza. Unfortunately, there was no pizza on the brunch menu.

I have a food confession to make…I ate Carrefour (a grocery store) liver as part of my dinner last night. This would be like going to Wal-mart to the prepared foods near the deli and getting a big scoop of prepared liver. Now, the folks I was with wanted to try the liver. I literally turned my nose up at the thought of eating liver cooked in a grocery store in Doha. I could imagine myself heaving over the toilet in the middle of the night and I wanted no parts. However, after all the crap I talked about the liver, I tried it and guess what…it was good! I even went back for a second helping. And the best part…I didn’t get sick. I can say I survived cooked liver in Doha.

Until next time…Living life and it’s good.

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