Birthday Weekend

cakeOriginal Post: April 26, 2015

Yes, I’m another year older and I would have never imagined what this year had in store for me. It’s been an incredibly adventurous ride and I’ve learned so much. Not only about a new culture and country but I’ve learned so much about myself.  I’ve found that adventurous person I used to know which is really exciting. I’m looking forward to what 36 has in store for me. 

Unlike my good friends in Tulsa, my birthday celebration was only a long weekend as opposed to the entire month (Gwen!).  This birthday weekend was all about rest, relaxation, and restoration. It started with my normal 4-hour spa treatment on Thursday. It was perfect timing because it’s been a stressful week. I actually took advantage of the 30-minute wind-down time at the end of the treatment. It felt good to just be still and relax. Then I went home, ordered room service (the kids salmon meal because it’s super cheap!), had a glass of wine and went to bed.  It was amazing!

Friday began with my new favorite breakfast treat: quiche. This time the Gourmet House quiche special was salmon. A smoked salmon quiche is pretty good. From there, I went to the salon for some maintenance and then on to the pool. It was a bit warm, 106 degrees, but I enjoyed being out by the pool. I took in a couple of mock tails because it’s against the law to have alcohol at the pools in Doha. I found a nice lounge bed to lie in and I read my book that I’ve been struggling to get through. It was fine though because the book is actually getting better towards the end. I’m almost done reading it! I finished the night at the Vintage listening to the great voice of Laurent Day and then up to the Jazz club to hear the strings from the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra play with the band. Always a delight.

Saturday was spent having lunch with friends. Good company is always a plus. When the food is good, it’s even better. Jones the Grocer still offers a great cup of coffee in Doha, and I’m grateful for it. Saturday night I went to the Opera House at the Katara Cultural Village to hear the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. This was the first real opera house I’ve been in and it’s a very cute petite opera house. The concert was phenomenal with special guest violinist Christian Tetzlaff. It was brilliant and it’s always good to see my friend Julia play. I ended the night at the jazz club. This seems to be a recurring thing…but I love it.

And today, this fine day of my birth has been amazing. First, I took the day off which was a bit of a last minute decision. But I’m so glad I did. I slept in, which is always a plus. I had lunch outside at Gordon Ramasay’s Opal. It was lovely weather sitting out in the early afternoon overlooking the water. It was nice.

I walked over to the mall to take in a movie. On the way to the mall a bird pooped me on. Luckily it was just on my feet, shoes, and pants and not in my hair! I hear it’s good luck to be pooped on by a bird but I’d rather find luck a different way! The movie I watched was The Age of Adaline. It was a pretty good movie. A bit odd but I knew that from the trailer.  It was a sweet love story and there was one particular line spoken that got my attention: Love without a future is just heartbreak. The irony in that line took be aback. Funny how those things happen. Learning to love can be difficult but I’ve learned that it is indeed possible. This hardened heart will soften, I’m sure.

From there it was time for dinner. I went to NEO sushi. I’ve wanted sushi for quite some time and I’m glad I heard about this place. It’s the best sushi I’ve had since moving to Doha. They have really great appetizers as well. The service is a bit lacking as most places in Doha have subpar service so it was no surprise. The food was good so I was good.

I came home to a surprise birthday cake. It was from the team at the Kempinski, the building where I live (see photo). It was accompanied by a signed card with well wishes for my birthday. It was such a nice gesture and it meant a lot.

And finally, it warmed my heart to have so many people wished me well on my birthday. What’s funny is that each person on my Facebook page, I actually know. It made me smile to hear from so many of you. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, it means so much.

Until next time…Life is still good and I’m looking forward.

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