Back to My “Normal” Doha Life

Wicked1Original Post: May 31, 2015

If felt good to be back home from my travels. Sleeping in my own bed those first few nights was wonderful. To complete the total R&R package, I made a spa appointment and spent 2 hours (just 2) there the day after I returned from vacation.

I’m entering into my first summer here in Doha. The average temperature has been 106 to 111. This sounds scorching, I’m sure. Actually, it’s pretty hot but it’s not 106 degrees like it is in the states. I’ve found that it’s tolerable. Even the day it was 111. But I’ve been warned that this is only the beginning. We’ll see what 120 degrees feel like soon. Thank God for air-conditioned buildings and taxis.

The Wailers were in town the Friday night I returned. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a ticket. With standing room only tickets available, I opted to go do my normal thing and headed to Jazz at Lincoln Center. It was nice to get back to my routine and it was even better to see Gregory Generet back on the Doha stage. I also got to see the wonderful Laurent Day spend his last evening on the bigger stage. I still don’t know why he hates Another Love, but he sang it for me one last time. Thanks Laurent!

Saturday night I went to the Katara Opera House to listen to my dear friend, Julia, and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra play Beethoven. It was a beautiful concert and I’m glad I went. I wore one of my beaded dresses from Most Everything, my favorite vintage store back home in Vancouver, WA. I wish I’d gotten some full-length pictures because the dress is truly gorgeous.

Then, those of us in Doha who are members of the @NomadnessTribe had an impromptu meet up to welcome a member who was passing though Doha. Mind you, this was a Monday night. We try not to party on school nights but we had to. This was a chance to host at my place once again. There were only 6 of us but we had a darn good time. For many, it was their introduction to cards against humanity. I’ll say, it was a fun night. The idea of bringing strangers together who have a common interest may not resonate with some but it’s always an adventure.

I also squeezed in a movie, The Avengers. I thought it was pretty good but not as good as the first one. There were a few previews that caught my attention but it’s a challenge for me to make it to a movie. It’s not one of my favorite things to do and it has to be spontaneous (David Harding) or I just have a hard time getting there.

I missed a break dancing competition that was held at a local mall. Yeah, break-dancing. It would have been entertaining I’m sure and I had no idea they had break-dancing competitions over here; maybe next time.

I ended the week by saying “see you later” to a colleague who moved back to Canada. This was the first departure of anyone I’ve worked closely with since arriving to Doha. I can see that as time goes on, as people leave, it can and will take a toll on those who remain. The comfort in it all is that we will have friends in many parts of the world when it’s all said and done.

Living life…and it’s still good.

5 Responses to “Back to My “Normal” Doha Life”

  1. Alisa

    Thanks for the shout-out Kendra! I so miss having you in beautiful Vancouver. Everything in our vintage shop looks incredible on you:) Look forward to seeing you again when you are back in the area…. hugs!



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