An Official Resident

SwanOriginal Post: September 27, 2014

I continue to experience new and fun things on a daily basis. The most exciting thing that has happened to me this week is that I received my resident permit! Wow! I didn’t realize how excited I would be to have that little piece of plastic! It’s my ticket to everything Qatar. While some complain about the process and hassle of obtaining a residency permit, I must say, some of their process are very efficient and I must admit some things are a bit more advanced that some US systems. Their banking capabilities are phenomenal. Then there are other processes and systems that seem like ancient times. Obtaining your blood grouping or blood type, as Americans know it, is a very old process. But it seems to work fine for them.

Now that I’m officially a resident and have obtained a multiple entry visa as well, I can travel if I desire. I’m able to obtain a liquor permit, apply for a credit card, get a healthcare card, etc. The opportunities are endless! Lol But seriously, it’s like a right of passage and worth celebrating!

I also admit, that it will take a lot of discipline not to get caught up in the hype and the lifestyle. While I’m having a great time, I have set some personal goals of my own which I have shared with some of you. I will remain focused and do what I need to do…but still have a little fun. So I have my little fun and R&R allowance!

With my frugal hat on…The neat thing is, in Qatar, they have something similar to #Groupon; it’s called #QGrabs. It’s the exact same concept. There are definitely good deals on that site for upcoming events, nail services, dining specials, etc.  They also have something called #VoucherClub. There are amazing deals on that site and they can be used as often as you want. For the equivalent of $52 US, you can buy an annual membership. They have several 2 for 1 dinners and brunches (big on Fridays here) and spa services.

I used my first voucher this week on a spa service at Angsana Spa inside the Wyndham Grand Regency. It was a spectacular experience. Great ambiance & facilities, excellent massage therapist, you can stay in the room for an hour after your services, and they provide nice rejuvenating refreshments after your service. So I had a full body scrub and a 90-minute massage for $75 US. I think I will treat myself to a spa service there on a regular basis. It was money well spent.

I also experience Reggae on the Beach at the St. Regis Hotel. I was invited by a new acquaintance and spent the evening with a group of great people from all over the world. Having the opportunity to interact with people from so many different places on a regular basis is so amazing to me. I truly learn something with each encounter. That night, I experience great Lebanese cuisine, good wine, good music, and good company. Couldn’t ask for anything more.  Reggae on the Beach is a must experience in Doha.

Lastly, I’m missing TV a bit #MissingCollegeFootbal #MissingNFL #MissingScandal  (But I did watch it a day later) #MissingNCIS

Until next time my friends!

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