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Back to My “Normal” Doha Life

Wicked1Original Post: May 31, 2015

If felt good to be back home from my travels. Sleeping in my own bed those first few nights was wonderful. To complete the total R&R package, I made a spa appointment and spent 2 hours (just 2) there the day after I returned from vacation.

I’m entering into my first summer here in Doha. The average temperature has been 106 to 111. Read more

The Rest of My London Trip

TowerBridgeMe3Original Post: May 22, 2015

I had more sight seeing to do while in London so the next day I headed out to three spots: The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, and Westminster Abbey. First, I stopped off in a restaurant and had a full English breakfast. Not to be confused with an empty or partial English breakfast. Living in Doha, I’ve actually gotten used to no having my normal breakfast with bacon. As a matter of fact, when I went home back in February, I think I only had bacon once or twice. I can tell you, English folks love pork. The full English breakfast was 2 eggs, ham, sausage, hash brown, toast, mushrooms, grilled tomato, and wait for it…baked beans. Not real sure about baked beans for breakfast but I went with it. It was a meaty meal that I enjoyed and I really didn’t need anything else to eat that day! Read more

London Day 1

MinsterOriginal Post: May 20, 2015

London. It’s a nice place to visit with rich history and a people who are very proud of their history. I did quite a bit of sight-seeing and museums while in London and I must say, I became bored with it primarily due to the restrictive nature of the visits. I’m not some fabulous photographer but I do enjoy taking photographs. They don’t allow photography in most places I visited. I even had a volunteer run me out of the church because I was looking at my phone to see how long it would take the taxi to arrive. Literally I was looking down at the phone, not playing with the buttons, anything…and it was cold outside! Anyway, here’s what I did in London… Read more

Goodbye Paris…Hello London!

parisOriginal Post May 17, 2015

Paris is a pretty cool place. I spent most of day 4 recovering from days 1-3. Once I managed to get out of the hotel, I went down to a shopping district and did quite a bit of window-shopping. I did buy a couple of clothing items but really, shopping wasn’t on my to do list. I found a corner restaurant to have a snack and a drink. The drink was good and the onion soup was astounding! I think it’s funny that in France, they don’t call it French onion soup, just onion soup.

From there I went to dinner at a place called Le Louis. I was unable to get reservations to the ultra popular Sacree Fleur and they recommended Le Louis. Super cute, cozy, Italian feeling restaurant. I had frog legs to start…yes; I’m just going all out while I’m here. They were good. Tasted like Read more

Day 3 in Paris

cookingOriginal Post: May 14, 2015

Day 3 was cool. I only had 2 activities planned and really that’s all I could do. I went to Musee du Louve where the Mona Lisa (La Joconde) lives. Initially, I wasn’t going to go see it because everyone talks about how they couldn’t get close to it because of the crowd. Well, the trick is to get there at opening and make a B-line to Mona. I managed to get right up to the rope. She’s much smaller that I was expecting. It was cool though. There were so many selfies being taken with the painting it was pretty funny. From Mona, I wandered through the museum for 3 hours! The place is massive and there’s so much to see. Read more

A Better Side of Paris

orsayOriginal Post: May 13, 2015

I didn’t have dinner my first night in Paris. I’m not sure if I was exhausted or didn’t want to face the 134 stairs back up to my 7th floor flat. Regardless of the reason, I believe I was sleep around 8:30 which is why I was wide-awake at 5:30am! But hey, it just allowed me to get out early and explore. Read more

Introduction to Paris

cupcakeOriginal Post: May 11, 2015

Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. I’m not really sure why but I’m sure every kid has an idea of some place they would love to go and may never think it’s possible (The other place I’ve always wanted to go is Australia.). So I’ve been planning this trip for a couple of months and the day has finally arrived. I took a Qatar Airways direct flight from Doha to Paris and the more I fly Qatar Airways the more I like it. I flew economy but there is a small section on the second floor of the plane that’s economy seating. I got to sit on the second floor (I know, it’s the little things that excite me at times). It was a cozy overnight flight and I did Read more

Fun Times!

crewOriginal Post: May 4, 2015
It was another amazing week for me here in the Middle East. Good times and lots of fun sums it up for me. I had a chance to check out the new vocalist at JALC Doha Ms. Chantae Cann. Beautiful voice! It was a delight to hear such refreshing vocals.
Later in the week I had a chance to host my first party at my place. It was a farewell party for one of the fabulous nurses I’ve worked with since my arrival. She and her family are moving back to Canada at the end of the month and I was happy to host one of her many parties. We had a good turnout for a potluck event and many adult beverages to go with it. I created a cocktail that was simply a hit: mint lemonade muddled with fresh strawberries and vodka, topped with 7up. I think it will become my signature cocktail for events! So hosting a party was pretty convenient. My building supplied all the extra dishes and silverware, table cloth, ice & ice buckets. It was a breeze! I think I could get used to hosting parties.

Read more

Birthday Weekend

cakeOriginal Post: April 26, 2015

Yes, I’m another year older and I would have never imagined what this year had in store for me. It’s been an incredibly adventurous ride and I’ve learned so much. Not only about a new culture and country but I’ve learned so much about myself.  I’ve found that adventurous person I used to know which is really exciting. I’m looking forward to what 36 has in store for me.  Read more

Mom’s Doha Days Continued

momOriginal Post: April 20, 2015

The fun continued after our return from Dubai. Mom managed to venture out on her own some mornings and went to the souq (which I think is her favorite place), the Katara Cultural Center, and the Fanar – Islamic Educational Center. Uber was great because I was able to send a car her way when needed.  She also got to experience the Karwa blue taxi. I try my best to stay out of those cars but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Read more

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