Jet Lag is A Beast – But the Fun Continues

Someone's Jet lag just won't stop!
Someone’s Jet lag just won’t stop!

It’s been an exhausting week. With 2 to 3 hours of sleep here and there, daily naps, and some sleep assistance, I’m still not over the jet lag and Jaden isn’t either. However, we’ve pressed through in order for him to see and do things and today was the first day he didn’t complain about going somewhere. His not complaining could have been delirium though because he stayed up all night…and all day.

We spent the afternoon at the Kempinski Marsa Malaz here in Doha at the Pearl. We hung out at the beach/pool. There was only one other lady there for most of Continue reading Jet Lag is A Beast – But the Fun Continues

Welcome to Doha

We're all ready to go! Heading to Germany then on to Qatar.
We’re all ready to go! Heading to Germany then on to Qatar.

Wow! It’s been an incredible couple of weeks. After wrapping things up in California, my son met me at LAX and we began our journey back to Doha. We arrived to LAX with several hours to go before our flight left so I introduced Jaden to airport lounges. We had a great time hanging out in the KLM Lounge with food and drinks. He thought it was Continue reading Welcome to Doha

All About the Vineyards

Photo Courtesy of C. Potter
Photo Courtesy of C. Potter

I completely forgot to mention something else we did on day 2. We went to a maze room and spent an hour trying to crack the code to get us out of our makeshift prison. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about these games but it’s quite fascinating. It’s a game for the ultimate puzzle solver. We were locked in 3 separate rooms and had to help one another figure out how to escape by using the clues we found. If you get stuck, they will give you a clue. We did have a couple of clues but the ones he gave, I don’t know anyone in the world who would have figured it out.So that was pretty fun.

Continue reading All About the Vineyards

Pics From Our California Trip

Day 2 of LA…More Fun

Christie & Me at the Grove in LA
Christie & Me at the Grove in LA

We started the day taking a drive to Santa Monica. It’s a scenic drive, quite beautiful. It was a bit foggy but that didn’t stop us from going to the Huntley hotel’s Penthouse, a restaurant with beautiful views. We arrived to the hotel and it’s trendy decor reminded me of the beautiful Kimpton hotels. We took the elevator up to Continue reading Day 2 of LA…More Fun

We Always Have A Great Time During Girls’ Weekend

IMG_1703Everyone needs a great group of friends that they can hang out with every now and then and each time you get together it’s like no time has passed. I’m so thankful to say I have one of those groups of friends and we really try to get together annually. Even when life happens, we can pick up where we left off and have a blast. It’s much needed time to just have fun and go with the flow. That’s what I’m doing this weekend and it’s something that I really look forward to. Continue reading We Always Have A Great Time During Girls’ Weekend